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Cellulite and fat deposit elimination treatment from 95

Mesotherapy is attractive to many as it is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and is a non invasive procedure. Although lesser known in the UK it is very popular on the continent especially in France and Spain. It can be used to reduce fat deposits on the stomach, hips thighs, buttocks under eye bags and under chin area.

Mesotherapy consists of a series of injections of injectable products into the skin locally where the problems of cellulite or fat needs to be addressed. The injections are intra dermal therefore not deep. A course of 3-6 treatments are generally required. Some mesotherapy products can be mixed together to enhance the effect of the treatment. Mesotherapy works by

Mesotherapy for Skin Rejuvination

Face anti-aging by Simildiet is a product containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes co-factors hydrating hyaluronic acid and nucleic acid precursors. Can be used as a stand alone treatment or  as a course for radient results.

  • Rejuvinates and revives dull tired skin.
  • Skin looks radient and firmer.
  • Mesotherapy improves tone and elasticity of the skin on the face neck, décolletage, back of hands and the abdomen.
  • Excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

Hydration/Vitamen facial from £109. With 25% glycolic mask: £150.

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